Above the Clouds

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Life Coach Jody Coram

 Coaching, Massage, and Meditation



My name is Jody Coram.

I have a passion for health and living well. 

In addition to Coaching and Massage, I'm a Pilates Instructor and Yoga Teacher. 

As a Life Coach I specialize in techniques to reduce anxiety, alleviate stress, increase energy and build self confidence. As a Massage Therapist I offer an opportunity for deep relaxation and pain relief.  My goal is to help you eliminate stress and anxiety by giving you the tools to create a more joyous and vibrant life. 


I grew up in a family with a history of depression, anxiety and chronic pain.  I also suffered through my teen years and young adult life with depression and anxiety. 

My mission in life is to create more happiness, energy, motivation, and self-confidence for myself and those around me. As a coach, I will teach you how to master your thoughts and live more in your body. We will release you from the hold of those habitual negative thoughts. We will define your goals, increase your motivation and give you the confidence you deserve to take on the world!

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